Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tonight's the night I personally have been waiting for for months and months. Ever since I fell into the black hole we call "The Twilight Saga"., I have been waiting for New Moon to come out, and here it is. Tonight. Midnight. I will be with my best friend watching what I am sure wil be an amazing movie. But before that we are actually gonna go see Twilight on the big screen too... I know, "Damn, girl!! Obsessed much??" Yes. Yes, I am.
I know that I have been lousy about posting lately, and I really am sorry. So here is a brief run down of what has been going on here lately.....and I still owe you guys pics and I need to pass my award on... All will be done, I promise.
Here is the rundown.... Hubby is in Texas for training until two days before Thanksgiving, and then he goes back to Texas for another two weeks. I love pre-deployment's friggin' amazing *said with extreme sarcasm*. I am almost done with this term of classes and psychology is whopping my ass. Although to be semester the course load is worse. Constitutional Law.....Community Oriented Policing...Oye, eventually it will all be worth it. The kids are great. Megan is.....well Megan. She is pretty much amazing, but can drive me nuts all at the same time. And then we have Madisyn, who (lately) is the world's biggest pain in the ass, but she's two. And that is what I keep telling myself. LOL I closed my first PartyLite show. It was pretty nice. I made my goal, so my kit was free....sort of. I had to spend $75.00 to make my goal, but I did it. And in doing so.. I got a $350.00 kit for free and an additional $125.00 in free products. So basically, I got $475.00 in free stuff for spending $75.00 not too damn bad if I do say so myself.
Lately I have been thinking alot about my marriage, and I have recently had an epiphany. I can't go into it right now (because I don't have time) but basically, I have an amazing husband!!!!!! I will elaborate more on that in another post.
Anyway, that is us in a nutshell. Not too much longer guys, and I will be back in full force. Promise. =)


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