Saturday, November 21, 2009

PICTURES....And An Award

Alright guys, here are the pictures I have been promising for weeks. First up.... Halloween!!! We had a flapper and a clown running around this house. In my opinion , they were adorable, but I will let you decide for yourself. So here it goes....

My little Clown....

And again.....I Love her cheesy smile!!

My pretty little flapper.....

What a cutie!!

The day after Halloween we went and had amazing family pictures taken by Sara Niebling of Sara Niebling Photography!! She is incredible!! And not very expensive at all. Here are a few of our family pictures....

And now to the second part of this blog..... I was given an award by Amy over at The Undomestic Army Wife , and now I have to pass it on to some one else. So without further ado, here it goes....


                 1: Why the person who nominated you is a "Bad Ass Bitch"
Because you can throw any situation at her, and she will just take it and run!!!

2: Why you are a "Bad Ass Bitch"
Because I don't give a damn what people think about me. I will say what I have to say and if you don't like it...... oh well.

3: why the person you are nominating is a "Bad Ass Bitch"?
Because she is going through a deployment with her head held high and not taking shit from anyone.

4. Then nominate 1 person you think is a "Bad Ass Bitch"
I nominate Jessi Faye over at Heads Carolina, Tails Iraq?

So there you have it everyone. I have more to say, because there are things going on here. I will write more about that in a day or two.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tonight's the night I personally have been waiting for for months and months. Ever since I fell into the black hole we call "The Twilight Saga"., I have been waiting for New Moon to come out, and here it is. Tonight. Midnight. I will be with my best friend watching what I am sure wil be an amazing movie. But before that we are actually gonna go see Twilight on the big screen too... I know, "Damn, girl!! Obsessed much??" Yes. Yes, I am.
I know that I have been lousy about posting lately, and I really am sorry. So here is a brief run down of what has been going on here lately.....and I still owe you guys pics and I need to pass my award on... All will be done, I promise.
Here is the rundown.... Hubby is in Texas for training until two days before Thanksgiving, and then he goes back to Texas for another two weeks. I love pre-deployment's friggin' amazing *said with extreme sarcasm*. I am almost done with this term of classes and psychology is whopping my ass. Although to be semester the course load is worse. Constitutional Law.....Community Oriented Policing...Oye, eventually it will all be worth it. The kids are great. Megan is.....well Megan. She is pretty much amazing, but can drive me nuts all at the same time. And then we have Madisyn, who (lately) is the world's biggest pain in the ass, but she's two. And that is what I keep telling myself. LOL I closed my first PartyLite show. It was pretty nice. I made my goal, so my kit was free....sort of. I had to spend $75.00 to make my goal, but I did it. And in doing so.. I got a $350.00 kit for free and an additional $125.00 in free products. So basically, I got $475.00 in free stuff for spending $75.00 not too damn bad if I do say so myself.
Lately I have been thinking alot about my marriage, and I have recently had an epiphany. I can't go into it right now (because I don't have time) but basically, I have an amazing husband!!!!!! I will elaborate more on that in another post.
Anyway, that is us in a nutshell. Not too much longer guys, and I will be back in full force. Promise. =)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Okay guys, it has been forever since I have blogged, and I sincerely apologize for that. Seriously, nothing noteworthy has been going on, so I just haven't written. I guess I just don't want to bore you with my mundane life. LOL Anyway, today is my starter show for PartyLite, I am offically a consultant now!! I am soo excited about this. I recieved my kit the other day in the mail, and it is beautiful......lots of gorgeous smells, and beutiful decorative pieces. So, I will let you know how that goes for me.
I won an award during my writer's block period from Amy over at The Undomesticated Army Wife gave it to me, and tomorrow after all the madness from today's schedule dies down, I fully intend to pass it on.
Also tomorrow, I will be posting Halloween pics.....extremely late, I know. We had a flapper and a clown in this house on Halloween, and they were both beautiful. I also had some gorgeous family pics taken that I will be sharing with you as well, so stay tuned.
Again, I apologize for being M.I.A. for the last three weeks, but I just haven't had anyting interesting to say. So look for a long blog tomorrow (or several short ones) with details baout how my party went, an award, and several pictures!!Tak care and be blessed!!

One more thing... My heart and prayers go out to the families in Ft. Hood. What happened there last week was nothing short of a colossal tragedy, and it sickens me that it happened here....on our soil. I have many opinions about what happened, but in this case, I am going to keep them to myself....(Don't get used to that, it doesn't happen very often.)