Sunday, October 18, 2009

YAY!!! I have followers!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has decided to start following me. MAybe now I will be more inspired to write. I know that in the coming months I will be writing alot more, not only getting ready for my husband's 4th deployment but also dealing with the other negative party to this thing we call the Army, saying goodbye to friends....In this case, my best friend. She is leaving me and going to Germany in four friggin' months. So needless to say, I am about to need some cheap therapy.
I can't promise I will post every day, but I can promise that when I do post it will be interesting. Yesterday we had Madisyn's second birthday party. I will post pictures of that, along with her dedication tomorrow....You have my word. For now though, I have some serious homework I need to get done. UGHHHHHH the frustrations of trying to obtain a degree when you have a husband and kids. I now know why people suggest you get your degree fresh out of high school. But of coursre, I have to do things the hard way. LOL
Anyway, thanks for reading and following. Now that I have more than one follower I will make a serious effort to post more often. Take care, and thank you again!!!!

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  1. :) You're welcome...I remember how it was being new to blogger and how exciting it was to get followers!

    Good for you, going back to school to get a degree! Can't wait to see your pics