Monday, October 26, 2009


It's almost 3 am, and I am still awake. Ugh, I really don't know why. I just can't get my mind to shut off long enough for me to go to sleep. But I need to, I have to get my baby up for school in the morning. Her daddy already said he would take her to school (my repayment for helping him with work stuff) so at least I don't have to leave my house and drive anywhere. I can just go straight back to bed, and sleep. Until Madisyn wakes up and my day starts again. Oh well, it looks like tomorrow will be one of those days that I will be saying "thank God for coffee."

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  1. Thanks the comment and the follow! I am new to the whole blogging thing. I know she told u the whole story of the crazy ppl going off on me too lol... yea.. Amy has become my sounding board she is awesome! Thanks for the kind comments! And I will be sure to keep in touch!

    you blog is so cute! amy is making me a layout now :-)