Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Project

So, I have decided that I want more!!! I love my kids and my husband, and I love being able to stay home with them, but I want more!!!So, I have decided to become a PartyLite consultant. I am super excited about this, because I will be able to stay home with my babies, and make some extra money. I am not doing this to get rich by no means. I just want to feel like I am contributing more to the house. I am also excited about this business venture for another reason.... I will be working with my older sister. She is a consultant out in Tennessee, and she would be my sponsor. So I will be working kinda close with her, well as close as I can considering she is in another state. LOL This will help build a stronger relationship between me and my sister, who wouldn't be excited about that?
It is kind of funny how it all happened. I was supposed to be throwing a catalog party at my house for my sister. What that means is that I would get a bunch of my girlfriends together and have a party without my sister. But I recieved the stuff in the mail yesterday and started looking over it, and a light turned on........hello opportunity!!!!!! So I called Rachel (my sister) and told her that I was interested, and that was it. I will be getting set up in the next few days, so I will keep you all posted. I would love some support, and online orders..hehehe. I will post all my info and website stuff in the next few days so you guys can be looking for that!!!!
Well, that is all I got for now, but it is only 9 a.m., and I have an assload of errands to run today. In the rain. With a toddler. Something tells me, this won't be my last post for the day. :)


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  1. Thats great! I wish Nate would let me do something like that, but when I suggested selling Premeire Jewelry, he wasn't a fan. :-/ Have fun with it!!