Monday, September 21, 2009

To My Other Half.....

Have you ever met someone you just click with? Have you ever found that person that can read your mind when you aren't even in the same room, or knows how you are feeling just by the sound of your voice? One person that knows what you need before you do? I have. I know you guys think I am talking about him....

I'm not. Although I love him more than life, and he has been my saving grace over the last 10 years. Today, I am actually talking about her.....

She is my best friend, and other half. She is my partner in crime, and I thank God everyday for Miss Amy Niver. The funny thing is, that if you had told me a year ago that I would be as close to her as I am, I probably would have said you were nuts. One thing about being in the Army is you are forced to make friends fast because you are thrown into situations where you know nobody. And because of that, you tend to think your friendships won't last beyond the base that you are at at the time.
I met Amy at a small coffee group started by a mutual friend of ours. We sat in the corner and talked crap about pretty much everyone there..(real mature, I know) LOL. Our friendship evolved very quickly. My husband was deployed when we met, so Amy was my go-to person. And if I needed baby gates hung, or my computer fixed, then she would bring her hubby along with her. One day I had a nasty stomach virus and asked her to come take care of the girls so I could go to sleep. Without hesitation, she was here. Seriously, who does that??
I thought that when Chris got home form deployment, our friendship would sort of fade....Afterall, I had my husband back now. I could not have been more wrong. Time and time again she has been there for not just me, but my whole family. I was in the hospital for three weeks because of a botched surgery back in April, and there she was. If she wasn't working, she was either at the hospital with me, or watching the girls so Chris could be with me at the hospital. One word to describer her..........AMAZING, simply AMAZING!!!
At this point there isn't much that her and I don't do together. We have seen Britney Spears not once, but twice together this year. We are going to the midnight showing of New Moon in November together. And very soon, she will be standing next to Chris and I in a Church as we dedicate our youngest daughter, and as Amy promises to be her Godmother. Chris and I both feel that we could not have picked a better woman for the job. She loves both my kids like nobody's business, and my God, do they love her!!!
I only hope to be able to be half the friend to her that she has been to me. I never would have thought that this is where we would end up, yet here we are. I still sit and wonder how we clicked so fast, easy. She is me. She is my other half. We think alike, we act alike, we are both insanely inappropriate at times, but we are best friends. Sisters.
If, in this crazy life we call the military, you find a friend that would drop anything for you. That would make you and your family a priority, keep' em. Fight for that friendship, because you will NEVER find another one like it. I know that even when we PCS, there will still be marathon texts, phone calls, and at least one vaca a year to see my best friend. I thank God everyday for Amy,and I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

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  1. Seriously in tears. Thanks a lot woman! :) Haha! Thank you for your friendship. The sentiments are returned. Mwah!