Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween 2009~~~~~ A Clown and a Cullen's that time again!!! Halloween!!!! I love Halloween. Not really for me, but for my kids. Last year Megan was a diva witch, and Madisyn was a kangaroo (a very cute kangaroo, I might add).

This year Megan informs me that she wants to be a vampire. Well, for those that don't know...I am a Twilight freak!!! So when she said vampire the wheels started turning, and I came up with a brilliant idea!!!! Rosalie Cullen!! So this year megan is gonna have blonde hair, and quite possibly colored contacts so that she can fit right into the Cullen clan!! I am soooo excited!!!

Madisyn was much easier. I thought for a while about making her a cheerleader, because she really is a girly girl. However, my best friend Amy came up with an even better idea. Since my mother-in-law had already made Madisyn this....outfit......

Why not make her a clown?????? So, I bought a child size clown wig, and some face paint. This is actually saying alot for me, because I am DEATHLY afraid of clowns, but I can't refuse...She is gonna be so damn cute!!!!

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  1. Hey there :)
    Just stopping by, saw you on Amy's Feature Friday...I really like your blog and have became a follower...

    Hope you take pics of your girls in their costumes...can't wait to see the one dressed as Rosalie...I love Twilight too!