Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trying This Out!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I have heard it said that blogging is amazing and cheap therapy, so I figured I would give it a shot. While I don't exactly need therapy (at least not at the moment) ha ha!!!!At some point I will, so I decided to start.
I thought my first post would just basically be about me, so here it goes. My name is Danielle. I am a mommy to two beautiful little girls named Megan (7) and Madisyn (1). I have been married to my best friend, lover, and soulmate, Chris for 7.5 years. As you probably guessed, we are military. I love the life of being an Army wife. It is the most challenging job (sometimes, even more so than being a mom) I have ever had. The constant moving, saying goodbye to friends, his working t'til all hours of the night, it all gets pretty stressful. Not to mention the deployments (I personally, have been through three with my husband). Those are the absolute worst. Having to explain to your children that their daddy went away to keep us safe. My oldest daughter asked me one night if daddy left because he was mad at her. Talk about heart-breaking. These babies don't understand why when they call for daddy he doesn't always answer, or why for a year plus at a time daddy might only be a voice over the phone. And it is left up to us, as their mamas to explain it to them. So who ever said that being an Army wife is easy.....I dare them to walk a mile in my shoes. So to anyone who is an Army wife and is reading this...be proud to be what you are. Be proud to be married to a soldier, because not everyone in the world could do it. Army wife is a title I am very proud to have. All the stress and heart ache that might come with it, in my opinion is worth it. Because the alternative is not being with the love of my life , and that (for me) is NOT an option.
Well, that about does it for my first post. I intend to post everyday, although I have to warn you now that sometimes (okay, most of the time)..I will probably be ranting and bitching about the Army, my husband, or certain family members that I can't fuckin' stand, but I promise it will be entertaining to say the least. So stay tuned...........

Bye For Now,

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